Introduction to Horned Lizards of North America

  • 191 pages
  • 4-1/2 x 7-1/4 inches
  • 164 color photographs
  • 17 maps and identification and phylogeny diagrams
  • 13 head silhouettes

Introduction to Horned Lizards of North America by Wade C. Sherbrooke is a comprehensive and well-researched guide to the fascinating world of horned lizards. The author provides a thorough overview of the biology and natural history of these unique reptiles, including their anatomy, behavior, and habitat requirements. The book is well-illustrated with numerous photographs and detailed illustrations that help bring the subject matter to life. Sherbrooke's writing style is engaging and accessible, making the book an enjoyable read for both expert and amateur naturalists. The book is also a valuable resource for those interested in conservation, as it provides insights into the threats faced by horned lizards and what can be done to protect them. Overall, Introduction to Horned Lizards of North America is a must-read for anyone interested in these fascinating creatures.

Here's what others have to say about Wade's book.

"Horned 'toads' have long inspired curious humans, from ancient Indian rock artists and the earliest Spanish explorers to modern scientists. These lizards specialize on ants for food, employ distinctive defensive tactics for different enemies, arch their bodies to collect rainwater, and exhibit numerous other adaptations to arid environments. Wade Sherbrooke's wonderful book, packed with facts and personal insights, will give everyone from lay naturalists to seasoned field biologists a new appreciation for these magically bizarre animals."--Harry W. Greene, author of Snakes: The Evolution of Mystery in Nature

"Written in language understandable by anyone, Sherbrooke's newly revised little book on horned lizards is an exceedingly useful reference that covers most of what is known about these interesting and unusual lizards."--Eric R. Pianka, author of The Lizard Man Speaks

"Wade Sherbrooke has provided in this very readable book a concise introduction to the evolution and natural history of the horned lizards, their impact on human art, and their future in an increasingly human-dominated planet. No one has more first-hand knowledge of the life history of horned lizards than Dr. Sherbrooke, so this book represents more than a summary; Sherbrooke provides insight into the life and times of horned lizards as no one else could. Amateur and professional alike will find much to enjoy about this book."--Darrel Frost, American Museum of Natural History

Praise for the first edition:

"[This is] the horned lizard bible deluxe."--Coevolution

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