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Horned Lizard Creations produces the finest quality reproductions of Horned Lizards available. These are cast in American Pewter and are finished with either an Antiqued surface, Hand Painted, or plated with Gold or Nickel. We also produce Bronze Artist Masters, Sterling Silver, and 14k Gold pieces. For more information about how they are made go to the page About the Artist. There you will find a series of images showing their manufacturing processes.

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New Species Found: Phrynosoma Sherbrookei

Phrynosoma SherbrookeiThe Sherbrookei Horned Lizard has the unique distinction of only existing along the Range in the Northeastern corner of the state of Guerrero in Mexico. As far as scarcity is concerned, this species is the most difficult to find in North America and is only found in the Northeastern State of Guerrero in Mexico. Their length is up to 2 1/2 inches with a unique short tail design.

Tom's BookTom, the artist, is very particular about the quality and reality of each horny toad. Tom will often reject a piece because of some small defect in the casting process. He wants each of his Horned Lizards to be as close as possible to what a real Horned Lizard looks like.

The book which is shown here on the left is available from us and is considered to be the definitive reference book about these interesting little reptiles. It was written by Wade C. Sherbrooke, a world-renowned expert on Horned Lizards.

Horny Toad Connection, LLC is a proud sponsor of the Horned Lizard Conversation Society. Tom is also the president of the New Mexico Chapter. For additional Horned Lizard information visit The Horned Lizard Conservation Society which is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting horned lizards throughout North America.

We also have a section with Stories and Lore about the Horned Lizards with live images of Horned Lizards taken by our friends & customers.


DVD - Where Did the Horny Toad Go

The official DVD release of "Where Did the Horny Toad Go?"

Where Did the Horny Toad Go? is Jar of Grasshoppers' first documentary feature production directed and produced by Stefanie Leland. The film will embark on a journey to uncover the mysterious disappearance of a childhood memory, an endearing blood-squirting lizard, and the passionate people who are determined to save it from extinction.


DVD NTSC Color/Approx. 74 minutes Stereo 2012 Where Did the Horny Toad Go L.L.C All Rights Reserved English Subtitles


Horned Lizards - Genus Phrynosoma

Of all the North American lizards, Horned Lizards are the most fearsome-looking and distinctive by virtue of the pointed, protruding "horns" above their eyes.

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